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Hydrocolloid OK bandage (sterilized) - 4.5x7 cm, 5 pcs / box

Product No.:3660648
Product Specification
3x7cm 6pcs/box
Product Features
Single process foaming, center thicker than the edge design.
Whole piece is a hydro Colloid dressing. Waterproof, moisture absorption and soft, 3D multi-wave design to cover and care wounds effectively.
Applied for:
Small area of wounds, laceration of hands, shallow cut wounds.


  • Hydrocolloid dressing - Provides a natural moist healing environment for wounds.
    "IGIBAN" hydrocolloid dressing are soft and adhere to the wounds closely.
    When absorbing exudates, the dressings will become moist and turn white to keep wounds moist and prevent scars, separate the external environment effectively.
    The outer layer of the dressing is made of waterproof membrane, which provides comprehensive wound protection and can be used when showering and taking a bath briefly.


    1. Apply the product immediately when the wounds have not been infected or encrusted.
    2. Using soft ointments with this product is not recommended. Before applying this product, rinse the wound and surrounding skin with plenty of water and carefully wipe the water off.
    3. Do not pull dressings too tight when sticking the dressing to the wounds in order to prevent the wound from being pressed and causing poor blood circulation
    4. Replace foam dressing if they are too loose or the execute is coming out of the dressing.
    5. If they are serious complex wounds (deep, severe pain), please seek for advice from health care professional.
    6. If the wound has signs of infection (redness, fever, swelling, pain, bad odor, etc.),go to the hospital immediately for medical advice.
    7. If there is no exudates from the wound or it is difficult to peel off, please fill the warm water into the gap between the skin and the product , and then slowly peel the product off.
    8. Choose the dressing size that is larger than the size of the wounds.
    9. It is a disposable product. Do not reuse. Store at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity.
    10. Do not use if they are expired.



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    1. Put the protective paper upward, hold on both sides with your fingers, push the dressing up and separate the protective paper from the dressing.
    2. Fold the protective paper and hold it on both sides and stick the dressing to the center of the wound.
    3. After sticking to the wound, gently press the dressing by your palm for one minute to make it adhesive

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    • Product specifications: 4.5x7 cm 5 pcs / box
    • Suggested price: NT$129
    •  Ingredients: Acrylic Adhesive, Sodium Methyl Carbonate (CMC), PU Film
    • License Permit Name: IGIBAN Hydro Colloid Dressing (Sterilized)
    • License Permit number: Health Department Medical Device No. 006108
    • Product shelf life: 4 years(Shelf life for products online shopping is more than three years)
    • 3D multi-wave design: Stick to cure parts of body adhesively and comfortably! (Taiwan ROC patent certificate new type M439461)


    Please read the instructions on the box/bag before use.
    Our products have been insured 10 million NTD product liability insurance.

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